Tuesday, March 29, 2011

King's bday shoot

Thanks to my amazing friend Nicole, King's bday shoot was perfect. They turned out so cute and he had so much fun! Guess I'm bias, but I really do think he might be the most beautiful baby in the world!!!
He was a little unsure at first being nakey in front of nicole....

Then the cake came out and all the sudden he was just fine!

Dash wanted to get in on the action...but he had way better food manners
Clean up time in the sink!
King, you couldn't be any cuter!

King's 1st bday bash!!!

Well I can't believe the 1st bday party I have been planning since he was born finally arrived. It is true what they says that life goes by in a blink of an eye. The party was a hit. We had lots of family and friends there to support King's big day. It was a King of the jungle theme. King had so much fun!

I was very proud of this cake that I made! Took cake classes and everything!

Of course he dug right into the cake. That was definitely his favorite party of the day!

Jake and I are very happy and proud parents of this wonderful blessing. He is the best baby in the whole world. I couldn't have dreamed of a more perfect child. I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for blessing us with him. We are a very happy family. I cry everyday that he grows so fast though!!!! It's so sad!!!! But so exiting for the many bday parties to come!

11 months

A little behind in the blogging lately but here he is at 11 months with his favorite thing in the whole world...a ball. He is obsessed. Everywhere we go he sees balls in everything. Like Easter eggs, thinks they are balls and freaking out and screams "BALL" haha Jake is a proud papa

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Families can be together forever:)

It is with a heavy heart and a great love and gratitude for this gospel that I post about my father in law Clay Roland Anderson. On Thurs night Jan 20th, Clay was playing basketball at the stake center when he collapsed and had a massive heart attack. Now you must first understand that receiving the call about this horrible event was incredibly shocking since Clay is a VERY healthy, active young 55 yr old man. I mean he is the fitness for life professor at UVU. He was taken by ambulance to Timp hospital and of course within min all of his family arrived. We all waited in the ER just hoping maybe he passed out or that the heart attack wasn't fatal. He then was given an angiogram so the doctors could see what the problem was. They found that his heart was actually missing an artery and had three blocked one's. They don't know how long it had been like that, days, months, years, even from birth. The doctor was surprised he was alive this long. They told us he would have a quadruple bypass and go form there. We waited and waited until finally the surgeon came to let us know his progress. The surgery went great, the heart looked wonderful. But he wasn't responding well or trying to speak or move. They said they were worried about the length of time his brain went without oxygen and they were worried about brain damage. The room went silent except for our cries. We couldn't imagine that Clay could be brain dead. It just couldn't be. After 4 days of waiting to see if he would pull out of his coma on Mon Jan 24, he had a MRI and the radiologist brought us in to tell us the results. Most of his brain was severely damaged and he had no hope for a meaningful recovery or normal life. We all lost it. We couldn't believe this news. Not Clay, who is smart, fun, active and anything else that goes along with an amazing person. I've never seen my husband so heart broken and upset. The cries of Julie and her kids will forever break my heart. After bringing all his extended family in and sharing the news they made the obvious but incredibly difficult choice of letting him go back to his Heavenly Father and pulling the plugs. We were all worried cause the doctor said his body is fine and that it was just his brain that was damaged so it could be awhile before he passed and it could be violent and hard to watch, (he would start seizing and try to breath on his own) After a beautiful blessing to release his spirt that he might not be in pain, by his boys and brother, it was only a hour after that he passed. It was very peaceful. No seizing or violent breathing. A very spiritual and hard experience. His family was so strong. Especially Julie, his wife. I sat and watched this family cling to each other and rejoice in Christ the whole night. They knew that Heavenly Father had a mission for Clay in heaven and that he had done all he needed to on this earth. There testimony of eternal families and the resurrection only grew stronger that night. All of ours did. I am so blessed to be a part of this family, to have known Clay for these last 6 years and for the effect he left on my life. I'm so blessed to have a true knowledge of life and to have the gospel. I know that one day we will all be reunited with Clay again with plenty of tears, laughter and love. He was one of the best man I know he and has left an amazing legacy behind. I am proud to be an Anderson.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

mmmm cupcake's anyone?

Is it horrible that I let my baby nibble on the finer things in life? HE LOVES CUPCAKES! Well anything sweet for that matter. Wonder where get gets that from????

Baby's 1st Christmas!

Talk about best Christmas ever! It is SOOOOO much more fun when you have kids!!!! Even though he had no idea what was going on, we still had a blast. Note to self, don't buy that many toys for a 1 year old. He plays with them about five min and off to the garbage or toilet (his toy of choice) he goes. We also got to skype with trey who is in France. He is doing so wonderful and will be home in June!!! Counting down the days!

Lovin that man of mine!

Just sending a congrats to my hubby who made New Org agent of the year and the Million Dollar Round Table!!! I'm so proud of how far he has came at New York Life. He is so smart and motivated! He is such a wonderful husband, father and provider. Luckiest gal in the world!

Look who's walking!

It can't be just can't! My little baby boy is walking!!! He took his first steps on Dec 17th and has been taking off ever since! I just can't believe he reached this milestone already! They really do grow up way too fast

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Family Christmas pics!

I am so excited this year for Christmas being that I finally have a kid to buy for! I know he has no idea what's going on but I don't care. I'm still going all out anyway. I can't wait to see him open his presents and to see the christmas tree, that he will knock over I'm sure. This will be our first real family christmas! Thanks to Nicole, we got our Christmas card pics done and I love them! Here are some of my fav's. King is so photogenic!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Baby's 1st Halloween!!!!

This Halloween was so much fun cause we finally have a kid!!! I love Halloween anyway but sharing it with King made it even more exciting! I even took him trick 0r treating! I have just been waiting too long to take my own kid trick or treating!!! After that we went to my dear friend Nicole's halloween party It was a blast!

Duck butt:)

Mammy Bean and King
We went as Homer and Marge this year. It was pretty fun
Nicole and I at her totally awesome Halloween party!

Until next year....!!!